Whenever we come to care for your home we do so with respect of your personal belongings and maintain upkeep of everyday items such as watering plants, general cleaning, and collection of mail and receiving packages.
Depending on how long you will be away and if you have any pets will depend on pricing structure. We’ve broken up the basics below, contact us to find out more or to set up a meet and greet!


House sitting

You’d like someone around the house to make sure nothing goes sideways. The plants are happy, your valuables are happy, you are happy.

$20/day | 3 day min. stay

$94/week | 1 week (10% discount)

$168/week | 2 week + (20% discount)


Pet sitting

You’re taking off but you don’t want to put Fido or Felix in the kennel. We totally get it. Let your pets maintain their normal routine while you’re away.

$40/day | 3 day min. stay

$252/week | 1 week (10% discount)

$224/week | 2 week + (20% discount)



You might have regular trips planned for work, visiting family or traveling for fun. Let’s set up a call to understand your needs and put together a pricing plan that makes sense for you.