Nice to meet you

My name is Cat (short for Catherine) and my furry friend you see in my photos is my three-legged cat, Mikoto. We’re your friendly duo who’s here to take care of your home while you’re away!

I am a UX designer for a fortune 50 company in Austin, TX. I’ve house sat for friends and family all over the world my whole life, the most exciting feeding chickens at the top of a hill in South Australia!

Why I started Habitual Space

Habitual Space was started to provide peace of mind to you while away from your home. Your home is cared for by professional adults, familiar with living in spaces other than their own, maintaining your habitual patterns. Things like walking the dog, watering the plants, checking the mail, and making dinner at night; continue to make your home a vibrant part of the community.

What I bring to the table

I provide attention to detail, clear communication and dedication to providing care to your home. With over 20 years of experience taking care of other’s homes I know that each home is unique to your life and habits. I enjoy getting to know you upfront, finding out what your priorities of care are while you’re away, the best way to communicate and identifying that feeling of comfort of putting your home in someone else’s care. Starting with a meet-and-greet is important to identify these goals.

What about Mikoto?

Mikoto accompanies me on my home stays. A few months ago I found her at the Austin Humane Society. She had been brought in after being found with irreparable damage to her back left leg. Having one less leg does not slow Mikoto down or seem to dampen her spirits. She is friendly, playful and wicked smart. She loves making new human and furry friends. After getting adjusted to a new place it’s common to find her curled up next to her new friends purring away. I understand that bringing a furry creature in-tow does not suite everyone, please reach out with your concerns and I will do my best to find the best solution for everyone.

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